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Qualifying Criteria For All Applicants: (for Co-signer see separate Co-signer Criteria)

  • Occupancy Limit 1x1 (3 person maximum), 2x1 (5 person maximum)
  • Age Requirements: Villa Serena is a 55+ Senior Housing Community that follows age requirements for such properties in accordance with relevant Senior Housing Laws. At least one (1) resident in the household must be 55+ years of age at the time of move‐in. All additional persons must be Qualified Permanent Residents (“QPR”) as defined in California Civil Code §51.3, et seq. A QPR is a person who meets the following requirements:
    • Was residing with the QPR or senior citizen prior to the death, hospitalization, or other absence of, or dissolution of marriage with, the qualifying resident of senior citizen.
    • 45 years of age or older, and/or was a spouse, cohabitant, or person providing primary physical or economic support to the QPR or senior citizen. (A spouse, cohabitant, or person providing primary physical/economic support may be of any age.)
    • A child or grandchild of the senior citizen or QPR, as defined in paragraph two (2), who needs to live with the senior citizen or QPR because of a disabling condition, illness, or injury. (A disabled child or grandchild who needs to live with the senior citizen or QPR because of the disabling condition, illness or injury may be of any age).
  • All proposed occupants must provide a valid, government issued photo ID at the time they submit the Rental Application to Management. Management will compare the ID against the identifying information provided in the Application, note any similarities/differences, and return the ID to the Applicant. Management will not keep a copy of the photo ID until and unless the Application is approved, and a Lease is offered to the Applicant.
  • The proposed household’s combined income must meet or exceed two times the market rate for the desired unit. Household income for Applicants with Section 8 or VASH vouchers, or any other Federal, State or Local public assistance or rental subsidies must equal or exceed two times the Applicant’s share of the stated monthly rent. We will accept any lawful, verifiable income paid directly to the Applicant or a representative of the Applicant. Acceptable income includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Employment Income verified through one of the following:
      • Three (3) prior paystubs
      • Prior year's tax return
      • Offer Letter on employer letterhead that identifies start date and salary
      • Bank Statement/Tax Returns
      • Child Support Benefits/Spousal Support Benefits/Disability Benefits/Unemployment Insurance Benefits
      • Trust Accounts/Retirement Income
      • Rental Assistance from any Federal, State, Local, or Nonprofit Administered Benefits or Subsidy Program
      • Any Other Income that is Lawful, Verifiable, and Paid Directly to an Applicant or Representative of an Applicant
    • Rental Application must be completed and signed. Please write “N/A” for any items that do not apply to you. Failure to submit a completed and signed Rental Application will result in application denial.
    • If we approve an Application, Applicants will be required to sign a Lease or Holding Deposit Agreement to hold the unit for a specific and determined period of time and pay the Security or Holding Deposit.
    • Application Fee is $35.00 per Applicant (check, money order, debit or credit card accepted).
    • Applicant must provide two (2) years of verifiable:
      • Rental/Mortgage History
      • No prior Unlawful Detainer Judgements
      • Current Balances Owed to any Prior Housing Provider
    • Renter's Insurance is required as a condition of your Lease and the Minimum Coverage must be at least $100,000 for Personal Liability. You can purchase a Policy via www.renterslive.com.
    • If you purchase a policy other than eRentersPlan - Alta Loma Real Estate LLC, Triumph Management must be listed on the policy as an "Additional Interest”.
    • RUBS – Resident will be billed via a third (3rd) party company for water, sewer and trash.
    • Only one (1) vehicle allowed per apartment.

Please note: The Security Deposit Amount is based on the entire Application Process (Credit Results, Rental History Verifications, and Income Verifications).

The information on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I herby authorize Villa Serena Apartments or its agents to verify the above information and to obtain either a consumer or investigative credit report. I understand that the $35.00 fee for verifying this rental application is not a deposit or rent and will not be applied to future rent or refunded, even if this application to rent is declined.

Thank you for considering Villa Serena Apartments, as your future home.

Please choose "I Agree" to continue to the application.

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